Inervista ad Arianna

Questo articolo che leggete qui sotto è stato scritto dal Direttore della scuola dove ho lavorato e di cui sono stata il Capo organizzativo. Di seguito la traduzione in Italiano.

Who is Arianna?

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Arianna has a background of musical studies in her native Italy. She been working at SoundsKool since September 2014, and quickly became involved in management and supervision, excelling in both.

Now Arianna Malatesti – SoundsKool Head of Music – runs all the programs, teacher training and content delivery for our courses. She is amazing and keeps everything running smoothly!

3 key Questions with Arianna

How do you find the current state of music education in Cambodia?

  • “I certainly wanted to participate in this growing trend. Because I definitely had something to offer.” She explains. “Since I joined SoundsKool I was finally able to deliver the content I wanted. Creative, Interactive and pedagogical programs designed for Khmer children, as well as foreign language students. I think Cambodia is rich in art and cultural values and I can see young Khmer children picking up instruments very fast. Also their parents see the value in studying music. This is very important for the future.”

What is the most popular instrument among Khmer children?

  • “It has to be the piano. And although at SoundsKool we offer lessons in many other subjects the piano remains a favorite. Rong Sereyvan and Touch Raksmey are two examples of brilliant Khmer pianists in Cambodia. For sure their work has resulted in more choosing the piano as an instrument”

What’s the youngest age you teach at SoundsKool?

  • “I have kids of 2 and a half years of age! We do this in Keyboard groups, where children play, draw, dance and have fun around the piano. It’s very effective and is a program that we have designed especially for Khmer kids.”


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